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Diagnosis & Management of General Ear Problems in Children & Adults
  • Earache – From External & Middle Ear Infections
  • Swimmers Ears
  • Wet & Itchy Ears
  • Earache with Diving & Flying
  • Earwax- impacted with Deafness
  • Foreign Body in the Ear
  • Baby, Child & Adult Hearing Loss
  • Deafness of Aging
  • Ringing Noises in the Ear
  • Giddiness & Spinning Sensation
  • Perforated Ear Drum Repair
  • Glue Ears & Tube Insertion
  • Ear Cholesteatoma Surgery
  • Skin Infections on & around the Ears
  • Skin Tumors on & around the Ears
  • Facial Nerve Problems
  • Ear Otosclerosis Assessment & Surgery
CEO Beth Anne (Maren) John, PhD
Speech Pathology & Audiology
Specializing in teaching the deaf to speak
  1. Teach neonates (through university) how to use their residual hearing to learn to speak
  2. Integrate deaf children into the mainstream world